What does Gayle do? You will be surprised if you hear it

Whatever the dull and inactive of the previous matches, why Chris Gayle is actually a terrible wilowner in his day, his bat is devastating – today 25 thousand viewers in Sher-e-Bangla see it with his own eyes. While watching the billions of television fans in front of the television set, Gayle saw ‘Six Rains’.





How easy can be sixkaka? A batsman can send balls to the ganges on the outskirts of the air by filling in the air with ease, the scenes are being shot in Sher-e-Bangla today. Not only this, Chris Gayle hit 14 fours in today’s first innings.

The Caribbei Wilobbaz has recorded more than 17 hits. That’s India’s exciting Twenty20 event in the IPL. Who is such a storm, how is he in a person’s life? What is the nature of his message, movements and motion? How to cut his time out of the field? How to spend time in Gayle? Want to know too much, is not it?

Then listen. As much as his bat is dangerous, Gayle is quite calm in his life. Gayle, who was played four times in the past four years ago, is a very quiet, courteous and polite gentleman, who was very close to coach, Sarwar Imran and Mominul Haq (when Gayle came to play for Barisal Burners for the first time, Mominul was his teammate).

Gayle’s captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza also told about the Caribbean batting tactics. Let’s hear from Mashrafe’s mouth, how are people like Gayle, how do they spend their leisure time?

Mashrafe said, “As much as I have seen, Gayle likes to stay very relaxed. Sleeping at his main job in retirement She always likes to sleep in the room. That’s why he would be allowed to stay in the field and be relaxed. I have seen him in the last 8/10 match, I have played together earlier. There is no change in Gayle’s mentality.





There is no change in Gayle’s behavior if he is not run or not, Mashrafe said, “There is no difference in his behavior if he is not run or not. On the day that did not run, I did not see any hurry. She is always calm. Slowly made in the field. This is always the case. ‘









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