Find out; Computer keyboard shortcuts use

From the F1 to F12 on the top of the computer keyboard, each of these buttons has different and important uses. They can be used as an alternative to the mouse.

Let’s take a look at the keys
F1: Used as a helper. When F1 key is pressed, each program has help pages.

F2: Used to rename a file or folder that is supposed to be. Pressing Alt + Ctrl + F2 allows you to open a new document in Microsoft Word. Pressing Ctrl + F2 shows the print preview of Microsoft Word.

F3: Presses Shift + F3, pressing Shift + F3, pressing Shift + F3, writing the words in Microsoft Word or lowering the first letter of each word, starting with a uppercase letter, etc. 

F4: By pressing the Microsoft Word last action can be replayed. Alt + F4 activates all active programs. Pressing Ctrl + F4 will close all active windows. 

Press F5: Microsoft Windows, Internet browser etc. are refreshed. The slide show starts at the point of view. And find, replace, go to window, open Microsoft Word. 

F6: The mouse cursor is moved to the Internet browser’s address bar. Ctrl + Shift + F6 activates another document opened in Microsoft Word document. 

F7: The spelling and grammar written in Microsoft Word is fixed and creates Creating Mozilla Firefox. By pressing Shift + F7, Microsoft Word introduces the dictionary word, the opposite word, the type of word, and so on. 

F8: The key is useful when running the operating system. Generally, this key is to press the key to launch Windows Safe Mode.

F9: The Quark 5.0’s Measurement toolbar is open by pressing key.

F10: Pressing the key selects the Internet browser or any open window menubar, by pressing Shift + F10, clicking on the right button, clicking on any selected text or link or image on the right. 

F11: The full-screen mode of the Internet browser is turned on by pressing F11. 

Press F12: Open as a Save as window in Microsoft Word. Shift + F12 and save the Microsoft Word document. And press Ctrl + Shift + F12 to copy the Microsoft Word document 

Ctrl + A = Select All
Ctrl + B = Text Bold.
Ctrl + C = Copy something.
Ctrl + D = Show the Change of Flag Dialog Box.
Ctrl + E = Center alignment.
Ctrl + F = Find or Replace Any Word
Ctrl + G = Go to Command.
Ctrl + H = Replace Command.
Ctrl + I = Text Italic.
Ctrl + J = Text aligned with JUSTIFIED.
Ctrl + K = Hyperlink to be created.
Ctrl + L = Text Left Alignment.
Ctrl + M = for inventing.
Ctrl + N = To open a new document.
Ctrl + O = To open a previously created file.
Ctrl + P = Document Print.
Ctrl + Q = Spacing between paragraphs.
Ctrl + R = Right alignment of text.
Ctrl + S = Save the file.
Ctrl + T = To change the indent.
Ctrl + U = text underline.
Ctrl + V = To paste text.
Ctrl + W = to close the file.
Ctrl + X = To delete something from the document.
Ctrl + Y = to reboot.
Ctrl + Z = Undo or previous condition

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