Finally, the district has 201 Guinness domed mosque on the site!

I shall break all the records in the history of mosque architecture in the world in the past 01 historic domed mosque in Tangail. The mosque is located on 15 acres of land eighty per cent of the construction work has been completed, the mosque will begin soon carvings. Nearly 15 thousand worshipers can pray together in the mosque. A separate building next to the mosque to be built. There will be free for destitute women in the building hospitals, orphanages, old, rehabilitate distressed freedom fighters and their families. The mosque will be built near to the devotees coming from far flung places in bungalows and free food distribution system. Mosque construction cost of about a hundred million. The construction of the mosque will be upwards of 451 feet high dome and a minaret.

Which is expected to take place in the Guinness World Records book. Freedom fighter Rafiqul Islam udyage Welfare Trust is built. Gopalpur upazila of Tangail district, 01 villages in southern Pathalia domes are being built. Located next to the 451-foot-tall, 56-storey high or “freedom fighter, Rafiqul Islam,” the world’s tallest brick minaret to minaret.

The Minar is the elevator up 50 floors of the facility. Qutub Minar in Delhi, India is currently the world’s tallest brick minaret. 40 feet in height, and the world’s tallest minaret, Morocco Hassan II Mosque is located kasablankaya. Height of 689 feet. However, it is not made of brick. 01-domed mosque construction started in January 013. This work laid the foundation of freedom, the founder of Islam Welfare Trust chairman Rizia Khatun’s mother.

He is expected in early 017 the presence of the Holy Kaaba Sharif and Imam Imam, the mosque will be officially inaugurated.