What is the phone number you have on Facebook? If you know what you are going to be in trouble!

If you leave your phone number with you on Facebook if anyone in your address and you can get a variety of information easily. Despite having several different privacy settings to cyber criminals can misuse the information you provided.

According to the Daily Mail Salt Agency Technical Director Reza Moinuddin generate a code, which Britain, the United States and Canada, the number of possible combinations of each of the Facebook app karenatarapara he bulks Building Program (API) to send millions of numbers. In return, he has millions of personal profiles unobstructed.

Facebook does not have to be very careful about the safety of mobile phone numbers. As a result, cyber criminals can easily hack any account. They hacked accounts to steal important information by selling it to others. There are those who fear your losses, sell your personal information to them.

Facebook also informed the authorities but they did not take the proper measures. Still on the phone, they did not add any security. The global fear of 1.44 billion Facebook users and their accounts are being hacked.
RAND Corporation, according to a report last year by the national security of the United States-based nonprofit global policy think, image, name, phone number, education, history and locations of illegal sites and the trading network can be sold.

According to the RAND report, Twitter and Facebook accounts to steal credit card than it is now more profitable.