Everyone knows why close your eyes and kiss it?

Kiss. Nothing like a little adrenalin increases ksaranata word. Love is the feeling of wet kiss. Dhapao the rights embodied in the first kiss. Emotional. Celebration of Love, “the barricade lips lips’ promise to build.

However, this time premika kissed lover why they had closed eye? Do not mind seeing the difference between kissed a ‘specialty’ there? Or kissed a loved one in time to see the object? 

However, psychologists explain why he kissed the eyes closed. Said the reason behind the 5

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1) If something in front of the lips or tongue, with the tongue and lips have merged in an emotional situation that will be created. If you can not attend.

Ii) If you see anything in front of the pressure on the apple of the eye. So that automatically closed eyes. 

3) Many times girlfriends eyes closed imagine their dream hero. To them when the boyfriend Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig or Leonardo DiCaprio, The.

4) khaoyatai kiss during sex, men prefer to ignore.

5) the body responds to touch more. And touching the eyes closed to feel better.

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