Electricity bill is 15% VAT in July

Electricity bill now costs Tk 5 to Tk 5. The next day will pay 15 paise from July. If the new VAT law is enforced, the additional money will be counted to the customer. Meanwhile, the electricity ministry has said that the demand for withdrawal of excess VAT will be sought before the budget.




Nurul Islam’s family in the capital’s Mirpur. In April, a bill of Tk 1,433 with electricity and 5 percent of the VAT was 15 crores. To give 15 percent VAT to his SC, the bill will be payable for the same amount of electricity from July next year at around Tk 16 billion.

As per the PDB, the government through Vat will get an additional 3 thousand 100 crores from electricity consumers. Customers will need to count additional Tk. 67 more per unit per annum. All types of customers will fall on the electricity and fuel sector’s extra VAT vendor.

Consumer rights organization – CAB, has demanded to keep a very important sector like electricity free of 15 percent VAT.





With the introduction of new VAT, it will be necessary to increase the power sector by seven percent and the 93 percent increase in the gas sector, government officials said. However, the budget will offer a proposal to withdraw the new VAT before the budget, said the ministry.

New gas prices have come into effect from June 1st to 2nd phase. The cost of production of electricity will also increase. And due to the new VAT charged, the cost will increase further.