Easily know who is watching your Facebook profile!

No one outside of your Facebook profile regularly to see what your friends do not know you. Even a friend on your friends list about what your latest photos or views you may not know the status. It’s only possible when you know that your Facebook friends like or comment on the proceedings.

However, like or do not need to comment. There is no need to issue the buddy list. Now you can easily find out who saw your Facebook profile regularly. 

Although this can be done with the help of some apps. Many times the results do not come. There are security threats. That is, these results bring out this app could happen if the ID is hacked. So let’s have a look at this app apart from the nirapadiekati paddhati. 

1. First, log on as usual.

2. Then your timeline ‘Activity Log’ options on the option (where there are three dots) Right-click button. From the “View Page Source” select.

3. At this stage, the whole kodabharti find a page that you do not get anything. However, there is nothing to fear. This is the time to position the page “Control + F ‘(F) button. You will see, on the right-hand corner is a search box. This sarcabakse ‘InitialChatFriendsList’ type.


4. The ‘InitialChatFriendsList’ next to see a list of some numbers. This is basically nambaraguloi their Facebook ID numbers of your timeline.

5. Now for the numbers to get the ID ‘facebook.com’ (on Facebook) will go on. Then chatted on Facebook slash (/) with any of a number of signs posted on the day. For example facebook.com/ 100008223225037. See, came to an ID. This profile is viewed in the IDE.

6. In this case, the number (ID) is the first thing that comes to ID your profile regularly. This is the end of all phases of the ID that has the lowest profile.