The ‘download’ button coming to Facebook

The ‘down-votes’ button is coming for those who want to hide or hide objectionable comments on Facebook. Facebook has already started limited testing in the United States. But they do not have to discontinue this ‘dislike’ button.





With this button anyone can delete or hide objectionable comments from their posts. The United States has already started limited testing in this button. In this, a small number of Facebook users get the opportunity to use the downshoot.

According to the BBC, it is said that the website has identified a website called Tech Crunch, with a view to review the Facebook Downward button. They said in a statement that the downward button has been introduced on their public pages. Users are responding well.

Facebook users have long wanted to ‘dislike’ or dislike button. In view of this, Facebook is believed to be taking initiative.





Clicking the downward button will not see the comment again. However, this button can not hide the full post or change the status of the news feed.








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