Do you know the benefits of scientific prayer? if you don not know then know it!

1) Prayer is prostrate when the rapid blood flow in the brain. As a result, a lot of energy increases in our memories.
Ii) the prayers of our eyes when we stand in front of the prayer center or prostrated in a fixed position, and as a result of increased attention.
3) an exercise of our body is attained through prayer. This is an exercise in which everyone can, big or small.

4) The great change of mind comes to us through prayer.
5) Prayer helps to maintain the structure of the human body. As a result of loss of physical disability.
6) Prayer keeps the skin clean. For example, during Wudu valuable parts of our body is clean; As a result, different types of germs that we are protected.
7) The prayers of time Wudu 3 times to wash his face and mouth as a result of the bright spots in our facial skin is rare.
8) Wudu is the time to clean our face to face, as a kind of messages are generated; As a result, we face increases blood flow and reduces wrinkle lines.

9) The teenage years are the prayers of the heart; As a result, various types of crime, he refrained.
10) increases the power of prayer life of the people.
11) only through the eyes of the law of prayer is the way to take care of; As a result, most of the prayers of the people rather than the vision is maintained.