How To Change National ID Photo Or Picture

Posted Today, 10 million of Bangladesh’s national ID (national ID card) holders, and suitable for all citizens of voting age to 18 years. As the national identity (national ID card), and 0% to 99% of the vague picture ID information is wrong, today I’ll show you how a national ID card or a National ID card details online at home can see the details, the picture changes, address changes, error correction and can update the data, and how the new voter application forms can be filled online.

Take a look at the details of your national identity card reading this and Facebook friends to share information online, National Identity Card, National ID card change, and change the picture of the details of the new rules to be informed voters.

Today, national identity online show what changes you can do yourself?

  • Change Information
  • Change of Address
  • Voter area Transfer
  • Punahmudrana
  • Change Image
  • Up application status

Pictures and information on how to change and update the database to be able to see?

I’ll show you step by step through the images below.

Go to this link to the registration >>>

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