Be careful! Take care of yourself before marriage.

For the first time in life Together with your most beloved person A little nervous, a little excited … but be sure to care for you and your loved one before joining the nervous nurse or excited.

Do not do anything like that at the moment of tension, so that you have to carry that mistake throughout your life. So be careful … and love your beloved man from within. You will also be healthy … and see that everything has become pretty good-

Keep these eight thoughts in mind before joining with your favorite person for the first time. And obey it-

1. Keep in mind the safety of yourself and your loved ones before you meet. At the time of first intercourse, use condoms. There is no substitute for pill in the field of protection, condoms.

2. In the first place, it is better not to expect huge happiness. Many depend on the understanding of the two. So, if you do not get great happiness on the first night, do not be frustrated. You will see that everything has gone slowly.

3. Keep yourself relaxed as much as you can during the time of reconciliation. Be excited, but do not let the tension become sick.

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