Canada will take 10 million immigrants in 3 years, find out more

For skilled workers from 2018 to 200, the North American advanced country is the best time for immigration in Canada, Immigration Minister Ahmad Hossain said.






The Canadian Minister of Extraterrestrial India said that in the next three years, about 10 million people will be legally allowed to migrate to Canada in other categories, including the Skild and Trade Skild category.

Expert and experienced international immigration law expert and advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court, Alhaj Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed, said that following the trend of low scores of CRS points, it is understood that in the last few years IELTS will be able to immigrate to Canada, and as Canada’s immigration system





The target is very high, so there is a possibility of drawing very frequently in the new year. Which is considered as a great opportunity for people, who are expected to be eligible for the whole world, including immigrants.









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