Canada will take 3 million Bangladeshis, standing with his family to live! How to apply ??

3 to 5 thousand professionals in 2016 million chance to get immigration to Canada. The country’s 11 states high skilada, trade skilada, Family sponsorship, business, Express Entry, pienapi, ephaesadabliu, the Canadian government announced immigration Self ayamplayedasaha 11 categories.

Just 10 of the Canadian province of Quebec will have the chance to immigration professionals. The trade skilada probhinsiyala Assessment Certificate and submit the nomination is taken without any application.
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 4.5 IELTS Examination (four) points, or graduate diploma in any discipline. At least two years experience in the workplace. You must be 53 years of age 1.
Bangladesh Supreme Court lawyer, immigration law expert and internationally acclaimed South Asian Law Forum President Dr years. Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed (Raju), said the latest first-cum-first-served approach to Canada’s immigration program. Besides, anyone can apply a variety of programs probhinsiyala sahajeieksapresa enitra profile by adding an extra 600 points, you can quickly Immigration Canada.
In January 2016 Manitoba Province Exploratory Trip / Recruitment Mission announced the launch of its government.

Immigration Canada has also introduced for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.
Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) -Canada
In Canada, the province of Quebec Investor program immediately invested in the business or with the family through the program have the opportunity to gain permanent residence and citizenship. The capacity will be 1.6 million dollars inabhestakarara. Age, educational qualifications and IELTS relaxed its conditions.

The addresses are listed yabitiya information services. For more information, e-mail and communicate be known.
In addition, Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed Raju on Facebook or WorldwideMigrationConsultantsltd, Advocate Raju Ahmed Phd Skype contacts on expert opinion be known.
In addition, 01966041555, 01966041888, 01977014778, and the required service can be found in the phone.
Earlier, he said. Raju Ahmed, public assessment of the required information services free of charge.
Canada immigration information can be found by visiting its official website.

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