You can understand from the symptoms of kidney disease

The outbreak of kidney disease is spreading worldwide today. With the whole world as well as in Bangladesh, kidney disease situation is still awful. Many people who suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease for Signs of Obesity, do not know that they have this disease.






Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Many years later, kidney failure is created. Many people who have CKD do not have kidney failure throughout life. 80% of people with STD 3 CKD do not have kidney failure. The main strength of the cure is to acquire knowledge of kidney disease for any stage of kidney disease. If you have a good idea about the symptoms of kidney disease, then it is easy to take cure medicines accordingly. If you or someone you know is having one or more signs of kidney disease, be sure to talk to the doctor about blood and urine tests. Because the symptoms of kidney disease are similar to the symptoms of other health problems. Let’s not know about the symptoms of kidney disease.

1. Lowering energy, feeling much tired or having trouble concentrating

When kidney function is severely reduced, toxins are produced as a result of blood unproductive. As a result, you feel weak and tired, and it becomes difficult to focus on anything. Another complication can occur, and it is Anemia. There may be problems with weakness or fatigue due to bleeding.

2. Sleep problems

When the kidney is unable to purify blood, blood toxins can not be excreted through urine, and blood remains in the blood. Which causes sleep problems. There is a link to chronic kidney disease with obesity or obesity. And sleep apnea is a common symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease.

3. Drying and bursting of the skin






Healthy kidneys work very much. The kidneys carry waste materials and excess fluid from the body, red blood cells forming the bones, strengthening the bones and maintaining the balance of the mineral salts. Dry and bursting skin can be for mineral and bone disorders, which may be accompanied by advanced kidney disease when the kidneys can not control the blood nutrients and mineral salt balance.










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