How can you fix the memory card lost!

Memory card is an important element in the era of current IT. In it you can keep all the important data We also keep some pictures of life-saving images in our memory card on our mobile phone. When the data is transmitted, the phone’s memory card suddenly disappears, or if the connection is disconnected in any way, it can be damaged by damaged. As a result, you wear the Big Brother.

Finally you lose some of the documents you need to suffer frustration. Although incomplete such memory cards can be activated, it is difficult to fix completely damaged or exhausted memory cards. Everything is possible in the modern computer era. Let me tell you how to fix a waste marry card.

Using Data Recovery Software: 

Memory card information is visible, but it can not be used. In this case data is present but the computer or other device can not read it. In this case, everyone thinks that the memory card may have been lost. But no, such software can bring the memory card back to the memory card. 

And what you need to do:
First insert the memory card into the card reader and connect it to the computer. Keep in mind that the memory card can not be accessed as an MP3 player or hard disk drive, but the file system is OK.

Now go to the Windows Start menu and enter cmd. This will show the command prompt (cmd) at the top of your Start menu. Now by pressing the right button on it, select Run asadministrator and open it. Command

If prompted, type chkdskmr and click enter. Here is the memory card drive m.

Enter the drive letter of the card on the computer and enter the check disk. 

Here convertlostchainsto files, press y. If the file structure is correct then the card information can be used again. If the memory card shows an invalid filesystem, right-click its drive and click Format. Select FAT from File System and check Quick format and click Format. 

The card will not be lost if you lost the memory card data when the format is complete. (Source-website)

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