Brazil oarjentina going to the field tonight !! Find out more

Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers in South America was the last or fifth round in March this year. Today, five months long, starting at 3 am today for the sixth time raundabanladesa Ecuador will face Brazil in the field. After two and a half hours of the morning at 5 am at home against Uruguay due to arjentinacotera would not be able to play for Argentina against Uruguay, Sergio Aguero and Javier Pastoret. They are not able to play against Venezuela on September 7, also broke the Argentina squad aniscitaabasara fear of returning to play against Uruguay Lionel mesirao.

Take a left hamstring injury, Messi joined Barcelona from the national team camp. Messi to play for Argentina, however, is optimistic about the new coach edagardo browser. Argentina oleke browser Daily said, “He’s okay. I believe he is right for the game against Uruguay team thakabebrajila fear, however, there is no injury. Neymar is ready to play under new coach undertake, marselora. However, the experiment will be difficult to match the capital of Ecuador undertake kitote team. Kitote Brazil has never won a match that lasted 33 years! At the end of the first six rounds of the points table with 11 points in South America, Argentina is in third place. Uruguay 13 points. Ecuador is equal to 13 points, but they are two goals behind the gap of 9 points in sixth place in Brazil.

Colombia with more than one point five. Chile is equal to four points. Four teams from the region and the fifth straight team gets a chance to play the World Cup play-off.