Brazil and Argentina morning going to the field

World Cup qualifiers starting to fight back with a one-month break. Bolivia, Brazil is going to play in the morning around 7 am. After one hour of play for Argentina against Peru. Titera to play Brazil in the northeast city natale.

In the meantime, the whole match tickets have been sold. Brazil fans expect a lot more about the game. Last month, the two qualifying matches, Brazil beat Colombia and Ecuador. As a result, 15 points moved up to second place Brazil in the Latin region.

The game is relatively easy opponents at home is Brazil star Neymar. The left-winger and midfielder Marcelo kyasemiro bhogaya playing injured. Tite coach has indicated his preferred 4-1-4-1 formation to play with Brazil.

Brazil and Argentina will play against Peru before the end of the game. Messi does not play the match, Eduardo browser. For three weeks due to a groin injury sidelined are suffering from Messi. Messi, Sergio Aguero, but the return match.

After playing for Argentina at the Copa America in June and did not get out of the Manchester City striker. However, non Aguero, Messi and Angel koreyake positions to play. Although eight matches, three points table at the moment, in Brazil and Argentina are 15 point.

Argentina have played ahead of the field, compared to Peru Peru.

After the 1986 World Cup qualifiers at home to Peru and Argentina have never beaten. The tourists, who won three of the six matches played in this 30 years, the three ended draw.

The following week, on October 1, Argentina will play against Paraguay morning hour. One hour later the same day at 6 am Venezuelan counterpart Neymar Brazil.