The bike will run at just 8 taka for the whole day

Electric bike of aisaj motorcycles This bike will be in the uncharged 50 to 60 kilometers. Once the charge will cost only eight rupees electricity.





Mohammad Fayzur Rahman, sales and marketing department of Akij Motors, said, “These sound bikes without sound and fuel have been used in powerful and superior jail batteries. This e-bike will be able to run a maximum of 60 kilometers of a charge. The bike will cost at around Tk 8.

Faizur Rahman said, Eigel, Bourgeois, Durbar, Durjoy, Pokkiriraj and Samartta are available in these six models, Akij Electric Bikes can be found. Among these, the Eagle model bike entry level. It can be driven by a pedal like a bicycle. As well as the battery can be run. The price of this bike is 48 thousand taka.

There is also a flagship bike from Acid Motors. Its model is unbearable. It can be found in 60 km topspid. The bike can go 60 to 70 kilometers in an uncomfortable way.






The cost of the bike is 1 lakh 14 thousand taka. On the other hand, Dwarjoy and Pokhikarija scooter genres are e-bikes. The price of the corridor is 73 thousand 500 rupees. Pokhkirja worth 63 thousand 500 rupees

In addition to Dhaka, bicycles are available in the show room of Akij Motors at different points of the country.









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