Be careful !! The development of wind could account for the money! Read and share all the details to be careful !!

Ashulia tangabari in an event that happened today. Just 13 minutes to develop the agents took money from the accounts of two million fraud ring.

Modern studio in the area after the incident on Sunday morning and telecom Ashulia RAB-4 and has filed a complaint.

The owners and the development agent said. Ripon Khan
Saturday afternoon Ripon mobile phone Nabinagar develop its load authorized representative office in Nasir number (01709916760) comes from the call.

According to him on the phone, the new system will be sent to the agent-to-agent money.

Ripon for some guidance for the development of a number to call from the agent called.

Ripon call it. 8. Call the next 13 minutes, the two installments of Rs 5 lakh fraud ring stole.

Ripon realizing rapid development of the local load Nabinagar authorized representative office met with Nasir. Nasir said he did not know of the incident.

Nasir hacked the mobile phone number of the state call to Ripon.

Shop owners and agents can learn to develop, hackers fancy way to biometric company, Bengali link rural and SIM number 8 has the money.

The Numbers According to the research, all the biometric registration number is. The numbers: 0183091596601749245722017496998810183093927901732621807017498606870199289137601922012409.

In the last two numbers of enaaidi found. It is, 3515833887375 19938710494000025 date of birth and date of birth 25081993im 30121950 Ying.

Has been a general diary in this connection. Ripon has suffered a written complaint to the office of the local force.

An official of RAB-4, but they learned. The number of agents is not only to develop a different strategy for a group of fake money are introduced.






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