Be careful !! +375, +371, +381 To defeat these codes if you receive a call from … !!

Nimnakto some phone numbers of missed calls from victims. For example,

or some number +381 +371 +375, which was shot at the beginning of the code, this type of number if you have a missed call or ring off the ring after a while, you if any of these numbers, then call back ekataya $ 15-30 will be deducted from your balance, and within three seconds of a complete copy of your contact list will be sent to them.

If you phone your bank account details or credit card and debit card information is saved, then they will be able to copy. To learn from some of these phones are, and have no jangigosthi … +375 is from Belarus +93 is From Afghanistan +371 is code for Lativa +381 is from Serbia +563 is code of Valparaiso +370 is code of Vilnius +255 is code of Tanzania … all of this is that ISIS militants.

Be careful everyone. Do not receive a call without having to make a mistake and do not call back. The # 90 and # 09 from your phone, do not press. Information from the temptation to call any of the numbers # 90 and # 09 in a talk to the press, please do not never. By cloning the SIM card in your phone, a SIM card with your number and they will be made. Then, using your number of different crime groups will feel that you do not get anything. Be careful to use the phone, always be careful.
Courtesy RAB-1