Bappi is getting married to the girl’s favorite girl soon

Nayak Bappi Chowdhury is going to sit on the marriage plight This hero is married to his family’s choice. Today is his birthday, this day is his gift for parents and he said Bappi.

He said, ‘My elder brother got married last year, since then my marriage was under pressure from my parents. Wherever I go, my wife begins to see. I agreed to parents this morning, I liked them like my choice. Today is my birthday gift for my parents. ‘





However, she said that she is not marrying a girl in the media. Bappi said, ‘I have grown up in a joint family, I mean family, I understand mother, father, brother, uncle, cousin, grandparents. Since I am unable to give time to family due to work, I want my wife to be my wife, because of which I want a normal girl who will give my family time.

When asked about how to get married, Bappi said, ‘I told my parents, I will get married next year, it can be in the middle of the year.’

Bappi is busy shooting for the birthday. She is starring in the movie titled ‘Love Bandhana’.





Apart from Bappi, Mahia Mahi, Tanin, Kazi Hayat, DJ Sohel and Kabila are also present in the film ‘Premar Bandhon’ directed by Gazi Jahangir. Gazi Jahangir himself has created stories, dialogues and screenplays in the film.









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