Bangladeshi passport that is banned in the world

Bangladeshi people are going to have to face difficulties every day to go abroad to work or visit abroad. One such incident has arisen in a national daily report.





January 24, 6am Cambodia’s Nompen International Airport A flight of Bangkok Airways by landing with a hundred passengers. Passengers have to apply for Cambodian’s on-Arrival Visa at the airport. European, American, Mongolian, Indians as well as six Bangladeshis were on this flight.


Everyone submitted a passport and other papers in one line. But as soon as they saw the Bangladeshi passport, six Bangladeshis were separated from the line. Cambodian immigration officials started shouting shouting This is about four hours to cut. At least 500 passengers of eight flights were appearing to come to the airport after the visa-immigration.


There were also some Indians. Immigration officials at the airport were finishing their work in three to four minutes with each sincere effort. But with the approval of the Cambodian government, these Bangladeshis went to participate in a conference in that country.







Although it is said to the airport officials that six Bangladeshis are said to be sitting quietly on one side, After four hours, the officials of the airport issued a visa after receiving the order from Cambodia’s foreign ministry.











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