Bangladesh would be submerged under 16 feet of water!

During the rainy season the water across schools, colleges, offices banlabasira was going to practice. But some say the whole town under water! Global warming is not a Hollywood film in five thousand years has been a place where the world map Bengali.

“National Geographic” Global map of the world in a different place with the city of Calcutta and Bangladesh has been under water.
Write out a lot about global warming or global warming. Fears have been expressed as the world ‘pragatiradike the end of the world is not far distant. “National Geographic,” a map of the things they had to give a clear idea.

When the ice melts due to global warming of the earth when the earth will happen, you can take a look at the map. The most significant city of Kolkata in West Bengal and Bangladesh will go inside the water. When the snow melts in the world that this news may be impossible to sink vanished in the old Bengali ago, but this is the first time that scientists have been published map, it’s true concern.
Janacchena scientists, only 10 percent of the Earth’s north and south poles of the ice sheets. Frozen water in Quebec, there are over five million miles of Earth. If all of this ice layer melts, then our world would look like?
National Geographic has published a map of the seven continents, countries, and about 16 feet of water at the bottom of the sea, which will go away. Scientists think, about five thousand years the earth will become a melting ice water.
The world’s first return to the initial introduction has already begun. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, now seven inches from the normal sea level were inflated.

80 per cent of the world’s ice is in Greenland, antartika province. The rest are scattered in different mountainous areas. According to National Geographic, the Global oyarminyera 65 million metric tons each year due to melting ice.