Apu sought the Prime Minister’s help to save the family

Apu Biswas said that the decision to break the husband of husband Shakib Khan in the ninth year of the year is justified. He also sought the Prime Minister’s help in this regard. Apu said in an interview given to Bangladesh daily, I am seeking the help of the Honorable

Prime Minister. Because after converting, after marriage, I want to divorce Shakib today. Where do I stand now? My community will not accept me anymore.

Apu said, our Prime Minister is very tolerant and well thought-out man. His sympathy is unimaginable. I am a first class citizen of the country. Shakib’s stern decision, my life is endangered. The gentle intervention of the Prime Minister can free me from this miserable situation.


Apu wants human rights and women’s organizations to the side. She said, though celebrity is my social status. A disgusting decision like divorce is never accepted. In the words of Apu, quarrels in the world, trouble is not unusual. I would have liked Shakib’s decision to be of the same religion. Converts me and forced me, married. So I will not accept his inhuman decision.


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