Apu Biswas said with the money of the cabin? The question is about TK

Apu Biswas told Manabjamin, if the divorce notice sent by Shakib Khan is not yet received, I will hold a press conference with the advice of a lawyer after getting the divorce notice. I want to inform some of the reporters there.





Meanwhile, only Tk 7 lakh was mentioned in the cabin of Shakib-Apur marriage, but Apu said, in our wedding kabinama, the amount of money (danmohara babad) mentioning 1 million 7 lakhs. Do not confuse it to anyone.

In the end, Apu said, Shakib could tell everyone by sending a notice of divorce in this way to the house without talking to the people. On behalf of Shakib Khan, the lawyer of Sheikh Sirajul Islam, the Dhaka North City Corporation mayor’s office, Apu Biswas’s Niketan’s house and Bogra’s address has been sent to the divorce notice.





However, this divorce will take effect three months after the notice is sent. In fact, Apu believes that on April 18, 2008, she got married to Shakib family. At the time of marriage, he changed his name and kept Apu Islam. But they kept the secret of marriage in view of Shakib Khan’s film career. But in April this year, Apu told her to have a marriage and a child.








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