Ambrin-Tausif’s close moment, see the picture

Lux-Channel i super star and presenter Ambrina Surgeon Ambrin posted some photos of close moments with her husband Tausif Ahsan Chowdhury on social media Facebook.

On Saturday February 17, in Facebook with a picture in English, ‘He loves me! My biggest strength and supporters. Anyway, I know you will be with me. I love you.



Tosif Ahsan Chowdhury married Ambrin on 4 November in 2017. She has been in Toronto with her husband since then in Toronto. Tousif’s family lives in Canada permanently. There he is working as a company’s proprietary management manager.

Tauseef Ahsan Chowdhury and Ambrina sergein Ambrin have a moment

Tausif was introduced to Ambrin six months before marriage. Then there is talk about Facebook and mobile phones. In the middle of it is a start-up process. They are married only after family.

He later shared many photos with fans on Facebook. In the continuation of it posted photos of today.

Ambrin shared the image at 10pm on Saturday





In 2007, Ambrian was the top ten in the ‘Lux-Channel I Superstar’ competition. Then got the model and introduction as the presenter. In the TV drama played Beyond popularity as the presenter of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) TV Show.









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