Aishwarya’s house will be astonishing to see the house with 21 crores

Aishwarya, known as Bollywood’s Royal Couple – Aishwarya Both are established in their respective fields. It’s normal that this pair house will be like the palace. There is no reason to wonder. Abhishek at the Kurala Complex in Bandra, Aishwarya’s luxury apartment has bought her picture.

There are so many pictures floating everywhere from the media to the social media. And if you see those pictures you will be going!

This apartment has 5,500 square feet area. The price of square feet for which is 38,000 taka.

Children’s room from the dining room, the look back is so difficult. If you see the bedroom house, too many may be jealous. A lot of the city will be caught in the eye with a corner of the wall. Swimming pool with it. The price of this apartment is 21 million But it is heard that Sonam Kapoor also bought flat or flat in the same complex.

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