After an hour, which is drinking coke ??

The famous Coca-Cola soft drinks. It is harmful for the body to understand how much money to Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola warm reaction is the key reaction, almost all of what we have seen many videos. However, Coca-Cola dropped one day we eat?

This sweet drink is really learn how it works inside the body pharmacist Niraj Naik has been studied for some time. And he’s got to be really worried.

UK media reported the Daily Star Online, an hour after eating it in the body of coke what kind of reaction it creates a graph Neeraj tried to show through. There has been, since the first sip soft drinks and 60 minutes later, the seven-step reactions in the body.

Drinking cans of coke a 330 mililitare 10 teaspoons of sugar straight into your body. Almost two and a half times the amount of sugar levels, which is acceptable every day.

Neeraj wrote on his own blog, sugar dose so high that it can be taken directly if anyone getting sick. But the citric acid in Coca-Cola light, the result of this extra sweet sbadake was galadhahkarana Prepare to drink.

Metro Daily Star Online Ila elarda nutritionist, said: “This is terrific information about Coke will surprise you. However, due to the benefit of knowing that it was the thought of it before now you would refrain from drinking Coca-Cola. “

Neeraj Coca-Cola showed a few steps inside the body’s reaction:

The first 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system inside the body. This disease can be due to excessive sweetness. But the recipes of phosphoric acid. This reduces the extra sweetness, so you can drink it.

0 minutes: Your blood sugar levels and insulin explosion. The amount of fat in the liver creates a lot of sugar.

40 minutes later: this time, the caffeine is completely absorbed. Increase your blood pressure. The more sugar in your liver or liver entered.

45 minutes later: this time, your body increases the production of dopamine and encourages your brain. Heroin is the drug works exactly as it works on you.

60 minutes: Your body at the bottom of intestinal calcium, magnesia and phosphoric acid reacts with the zinc. Bipakake which suddenly increases. High sugar and artificial sugar excretion of calcium through the process goes out of the body.

The diuretic properties of caffeine began to work in this period. This means that the velocity of your urination. That’s your body through urination and bones from calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, electrolyte and water will come out.

At that time, you may be irritable. Coke anymore because you took a little water out of your body has become.

The Daily Star Online contact with the authorities in this regard, after Coca-Cola spokesman said, “Over 129 people have been happily drinking Coca-Cola. Like all other soft drinks are safe to drink and is also perfectly suited for taking a balanced diet.