Do you know how to calculate the electricity bill of your home or office? Find out a simple calculation

Today I have come to you with the Energy Meter Electricity bill calculation. We will show a simple electricity bill calculation of the amount of electricity we are using at home and how much electricity is being given. But before we can calculate the electricity bill, we have to keep several things in mind.





1kWh = 1 unit (kwh is kilowatt hour)

1hp = 746watt

Power, P = VIcosφ (Single phase)

Power, P = √3VIcosφ (Three phase)

1000W = 1kW

h = time in hour

By multiplying KW with time (hour), the output unit will be multiplied.






For a period of years, know how long.

Electricity bill calculation:

To calculate the electricity bill, we will follow a rule first and then use it to calculate the electricity bill in the house or anywhere.

Net bill = energy bill + meter bill

Energy bills = amount of unit used in a month (kWh) * Price per unit

Meter bill = demand charge + service charge

Demand charge = 15 kWh per kilowatt

Service charge = 10 for single phase, 30 for three phase

VAT = 5% addition to net bill

If you can not pay the bills within a specific time, add 5% to net bills








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