7 ways to win the love of man

What is the love of the hurry? To move slowly one foot has to move forward to the person of love. After crossing the small steps, the result is love. Again, there are many times before it gets fired. There are seven such steps to love. The final phase of the relationship is the seventh step.





1. Express yourself
Now it’s time to familiarize yourself. Express yourself very well in front of him. Do not hide your excitement. Talk to him with full confidence. Talk about the information that you want to know about yourself. Show interest in him too. Then the relationship between the two will become easier.

2. Contact on Facebook
Identity has been done. The time has come to send friend requests on Facebook. Send your favorite man to Facebook, Friend Recognition. After the friend is in the new and old post, in the picture, please like the status that you saw his profile very well.

3. Show interest in his choice
Now it is time to take the relationship a little further. Show a little interest to your favorite person’s choice. Please express your interest to the favorite song of your favorite man, favorite game, favorite food or any other choice. Men always like this thing. If any women understand the interest of their choice, they are always happy and always interested in that woman.






4. The proposal to go anywhere together
The beloved person’s love has been known. Now offer him to take his place with you. It could be any food shop, movie, concert or art exhibition. If you are interested in going to the favorite place of your favorite man, you will have the opportunity to spend time together and that boy will also be interested in spending time with you.








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