50 at Dhaka panchbibi!

The bus is hard, round-trip hike to the stereotype. Esite hundred thousand and twelve, in general, at least 600 of the money. Rezaul rickshaw near the city, he ‘immunity phyamkara money. “The money covered the northern district of Joypurhat Panchbibi more than once a year, if that does not happen.

However, Rezaul “dyasa-girame” to go around once per month. Conflicts over land next door, his wife unrest, and even drink water, do not like to have an excuse every month. So instead of Rs 50 to Rs 500 cars Rezaul good to get home. Rupees are so low you can go home!

Last August, after 11pm at Karwan Bazar Dhaka Rezaul Jana fifty passengers waiting on the pavement and he believes it is. One of the bags or sacks on the pavement of these people are sitting in the car waiting to go home. Exciting trip. This opened up the truck.

Gulistan of a building Construction worker said. It became known from life, from different places in North Bengal to bring vegetables or cattle trucks to enter the city after 10pm. The night is out of the country. The truck was time to go back to waiting passengers people. Night after arriving early in the morning to go home. In addition to Karwan Bazar, Mohakhali and Gabtoli these trucks can go.

In a conversation with the truck stood at Karwan Bazar underpass (butterfly cave) side. He faces increasing alarm helper, “bogara (BMW), Gaibandha, bogara.” Some passengers on the ball hurriedly stood in front of the helper, “bogara how much?”

50 money. ”

30 am? ‘

No. 40 money. Hire one. ”

10-1 with the life of people rose up in open trucks. The rest came back up again.

“What tyakaya bites!” Was back on the road to keep the passengers of a garment bag to keep Akhand Mithu. Mokamatala her home in Bogra. ‘Oh jhapa of rain, many took refuge in the surrounding shops run down. Mithu changed the decision, ‘No trucks, and the paper will come to the car. CM hire 10 more’ll survive. “The car goes from Dhaka newspapers across the country, which is surrounded by a triple car rain or polythene. So do not fear the rain.

The two trucks stopped. Many ran towards it. Ali Motaher truck driver asked passengers how much money? “This is the one thousand, one hundred twelve. The helper gets something, the rest of me. CM takes the worst time share owner. Probably there are more passengers. ”

The night is growing, increasing truck, increasing the number of passengers.

Rezaul meet again with the first araitaya night. Mouthful smiled at me and said, ‘Where more than truck heads at night. Less money. CM will start to decline after a bit of a truck. So ahanai paramu uitha. “In the meantime, until a truck came panchbibi Healy will be. Ink 50 by the bag and threw them money to hire a truck to the side of another. He got up side down. Trucks are being introduced. Walk the walk, ask the truck, the truck will be open throughout the night, any danger? Ink from the truck leaned forward a bit, ‘Yeah go for eight years. Alla save the owners. “Could not load the rest, the truck was gone quite a bit.