42 out of the last international ODIs, Dilshan??

His last one-day international matches opener Tillakaratne Dilshan 4 runs were experienced in Sri Lanka. The third match of the series opener against Australia as a sprained Dilshan scored 4 to 65 with the help of 5 boundaries. Dilshan has announced his retirement at the end of the second one-day international series. So is his last one-day international ODI Dambulla. Just before the start of the match Dilshan, respect, team-mates. Mathews stood in a row on both sides of the bat-brandishing Dilshan respect silabhara D Chandimal.

Dilshan got a lot of respect became emotional. However, the mind is very strong with the bat, he started two yards. Dilshan hit his ninth ball to the boundary. And the right-hander’s innings had been bigger. Later, another 4 runs in 65 balls with 4 fours and Australian Adam hit a jumper Dilshan was dismissed. 5492 17-year career of 87 Tests, 329 ODIs and 10290 Twenty Twenty 78 matches and scored 1884 runs Dilshan. A total of 11 runs in one-day internationals in the world is he tamasthane. Sri Lanka is in fourth place in the 39-year-old dilasana..