“2016 In the world will be destroyed!” 500 years ago by French astronomer predicted ??

Or the Earth will be destroyed under pressure from global warming, scientists say. But you know what is more than 500 years ago, the French astronomer Michael notaradama, alias nastradamasa, history has become famous for his marvelous prophecy. The praphesisa called his writing a book, surrounded by many of the messages in the future have already been proven to be true. Since 1930, the rise of Hitler, the Kennedy brothers was killed in a US event, Napoleon’s defeat, even the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, all he had to say in the mysterious 500 years ago.

What is going to happen at around 016, he had a future with the message. Let’s take a glance at what had to be the jyotirbida

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1) Third World War: According to nastradamasera count, 016 in the world since World War III will begin. There will be a large state in the war. Or the war would last for the next 7 years. And this war will be a lot of casualties.

Ii) from the volcano agnyutpat: There will be a wide agnutpat from the volcano. And after a strong earthquake will shake the world. Thousands of people lose their lives in the earthquake.

3) the history of the most dangerous earthquake: In the future, according to the history of the 016 would be dangerous bhumikampatio. The epicenter of the American West would be. However, the prevalence of the prthibikei will tremble. Or so the men could be destroyed.

4) The world economy is a disaster: the sixteenth century had to sit nastradamasa, 016 of the world economy since the collapse nagadai. In his book he did with the mysterious hint. There is said to be rich in their lifetime, faced death several times.

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5) the nature of the disaster: nastradamasa wrote, since 016 people will destroy the forest. The sky would burst into rain. Intense heat will burn the ground. In simple words, the state of residence, if necessary, decide to destroy natural forest mathara. And the weight of the layers of the atmosphere, there would be a hole. As a result, the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet rays enter the Earth will animate creatures.

He also noted that his writings likhegiyechilena. The incident took place one after another, according to the writing of this world is.