20 million mothers will receive free SIM ??

Sim free and pay 0 million in scholarship money for the mothers of state-owned mobile phone operator.

The scholarship money will be paid through the primary SIM siorakyasera; There will be free talk time per month.
On Wednesday, one of the primary stipend program through mobile banking to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Rupali Bank and sangee company has an agreement.

Post and Telecommunications Minister Tarana Halim said, “the role of mothers biggest dream of building a digital Bangladesh. So we have taken the initiative in the hands of all mothers owned a mobile phone connection will be arriving, sure Rupali Bank and the government will bring in cash to their bank accounts directly to the scholarship money to their accounts will be arriving. ”

Gias Uddin Ahmed, Managing Director of the company said, “All the mothers explained to the cell and the scholarship money,” his mother smile, “has launched a new service. We will distribute free SIM to interested mothers and 15 per month will give free talk-time. ”
SIM free and will be around 0 million primarily owned Managing Director said.

Rupali Bank acting managing director Debashish Chakraborty said, “Rupali Bank siorakyasa a full-fledged mobile banking and payment services. We would like to bring banking services to marginalized communities in the country and the activities of the digitization of all payments by the government want to be. ”

Additional director general of the department of education at the primary and additional secretary. Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal, chief executive officer Dr siorakyasera. Shahadat Khan and others were present.


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